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8 December 2022, 11:00

Over the past few months you have not heard much from us. The reason is that we were busy making EasyWebshop even better. Behind the scenes we have added new servers and expanded our infrastructure. A big investment - in a somewhat difficult economic climate - which shows our confidence in the future.

What are the benefits of this update?

Our biggest priority is keeping your webshop online and quickly accessible 24/7. However obvious that may be, there is still a lot involved. With this update we improve the stability and speed of your webshop considerably.

Own infrastructure

EasyWebshop runs on physical servers in multiple data centers in Europe. We sometimes get the question: why doesn't your application just run in the cloud, like everyone else does these days? Surely that's much simpler and cheaper?

There are a number of advantages to our approach:

  • We are not dependent on one data center or cloud provider
  • In comparison to other providers, your webshop loads much faster
  • Your and your customers' data is not shared with cloud providers

That last point should certainly not be underestimated. Privacy on the Web is not always assured, and fortunately this has been coming more and more into focus recently. Every day there is a data leak somewhere and private data is shamelessly sold to third parties. We handle your data with the utmost care.

EasyWebshop will never share the data of you and your customers with others. We guarantee that!

What else is on the agenda?

For the upcoming updates, we are mainly looking at our customers' suggestions. These are collected on our update list.

We are now working hard to make the platform even more user-friendly so that you can take full advantage of all its features. All without the need to hire an expensive developer or web designer.


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