Point Of Sale (POS)

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POSYour customers can order in your online shop: this is efficient and saves you time.

But in some cases customers prefer to call, fax or place their order in person.

To manage the administration of your orders, customers and product stock, you need a POS (Point Of Sale).

The POS app actually works in the same way as your shop, with the difference that you as the merchant can place the order in an optimized interface.



Our concept simple and easy to use has been very effective for our webshop software. We continue in that direction with the POS app.

We know that our customers prefer to experiment and discover things for themselves. The POS app offers an optimal user experience without the requirement for taking courses or having to consult complex manuals. Feel free to test the POS app and give us your feedback. Don't hesitate to contact our help desk for support if you have questions.


Let our technology work for you and save time. The POS app combines product inventory, orders, customer management and discounts in the same administration. The webshop and the POS are automatically synchronized.

If you want to further automate your administration, it's possible to forward orders from your webshop and the POS app to external applications. This can be done using the Order PUSH feature in the EasyWebshop API. This allows you to forward orders in real-time to accounting applications, invoicing software and to suppliers.


The POS app uses open standards, so you're not restrained to a specific platform or hardware. The POS app can be used independently of the webshop or in combination with it.

The POS app can be used on Linux, Mac and Windows, on a PC, laptop, tablet and smartphone. It's available in 20 languages and 34 currencies.

Extra hardware is optional and can be added when needed. You can use any barcode scanner, receipt printer or payment terminal. The POS app offers all payment methods including bank transfer, Bitcoin, credit cards, debit cards, cash payment and payment in the webshop.

In addition, the POS app is compatible with all your webshop features: product management, inventory management, order management, customer management, discounts and surcharges, product variations and parameters, volume discounts, customer groups, VAT and invoicing, shipping, payment methods, payment costs and the EasyWebshop API.

Desktop version and mobile version

In the desktop version (from 800 pixels wide) the menu is shown on the left. In the mobile version the menu is shown at the top alongside with the shopping cart. On a tablet you can usually use both versions by holding the tablet horizontally or vertically.

Menu items that are active will be highlighted in green.


Use this icon to return to the overview with the main categories.


This icon is only visible in the mobile version. On smaller screens, the search bar is hidden to provide more space for the products. You can activate or deactivate the search bar with this icon.


Use this icon to connect a customer to an order. It is also possible to place an order without connecting a customer or to connect an unconfirmed customer.


Use this icon to add a shipping method to an order. The default shipping method is Pick up in the store. You can set the shipping costs at the settings for shipping costs.

Discounts / Surcharges

This allows you to add discounts and surcharges to the order. These are combined with those already defined at discounts and surcharges. The calculation for these discounts and surcharges folow the same rules as the VAT, currency conversion and discount combinations of the discount module.

Barcode scanner

If you have a barcode scanner, you can activate it here. The application records the input from the scanner and searches for the EAN code of the product.

Full screen

This icon is only visible in the desktop version. It allows you to switch to full screen mode for more space and better overview.


With this icon you can leave the POS app. If there are products in the shopping cart, you will receive a notification to confirm. Orders that are not completed will be lost when closing the POS app.

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