Gift cards and vouchers

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Gift cards (also named gift certificates, gift vouchers or discount coupons) can be used to give your customers credit by means of a gift card. The customer who purchased the gift card or another customer who received the gift card can use the gift card using a discount code that is unique for each gift card.

Gift card

Step 1

Gift cards can be purchased just like normal products. You can add them to a separate category or mix them in a category with other products. Gift cards can also be product variations.

  • Navigate to Management > Products
  • Click on the Discounts tab
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and activate the setting This product is a gift card

Scroll down and two more fields appear:

This is the value of the gift card and is the same as the price of the product.
Prefix for gift card code
This is an optional fixed text that will appear before the random discount code of the gift card.

Keep discount codes simple: this way your customers can type them easily. Do not use special characters or a combination of lower and upper case letters. The randomly generated discount codes contain only lowercase letters and numbers, with the exception of i (lowercase letter I), l (lowercase letter L), o (lowercase letter O), 0 (zero) and 1 (one). These characters are not used because they can cause confusion with each other.

Step 2

Your customers can order the gift card in your online shop.

  • After confirming the order an inactive gift card will be created
  • After successful payment the gift card will be activated

You can also activate the gift voucher yourself by changing the order status to Payment received, Processing order, Order shipped or Complete.

You can also activate or deactivate the gift card at Settings > More options > Discounts / Surcharges > Gift cards.

If Discounts / Surcharges is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user experience level to Advanced at Settings > More options > User experience level.

Send the discount code of the gift card to your customer. This can be done via physical mail or digitally via email when changing the order status.

Step 3

Your customers can make purchases with the gift card until the amount is used up. Gift cards can be combined with other discounts.

  • If the amount of the gift card is less or equal than the amount of the shopping cart, the gift card will be used up and deactivated
  • If the amount of the gift card is greater than the amount of the shopping cart, the gift card will keep a remaining value

An overview of all orders with gift cards can be found at Settings > More options > Discounts / Surcharges > Gift vouchers.

If the webshop has multiple currencies, gift cards can be purchased in any currency of the webshop. The value of the gift card will automatically be calculated according to the current exchange rate. The gift card can also be used in another currency. The same applies here: the calculation for the conversion goes automatically.

Frequently asked questions about gift cards

The discount code of a gift card does not work
Gift cards will not work if the Discounts / Surcharges module is not active or if the gift card is not active. When entering the discount code in this situation, the customer will receive the message Invalid discount code.
Solution: Activate the module Discounts / Surcharges and the gift card.

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