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EasyWebshopIncluded in the price:
Website, hosting, domain name, mailbox, security certificate, outstanding support service

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EasyWebshopWhy EasyWebshop is so awesome

We're called EasyWebshop for a reason... we make it as easy as possible for you to create your own off-the-shelf webstore. Choose your predesigned website theme to create a fully compliant, responsive, pop-up free webstore, with the fastest loading times.

Create your own website without the need for an expensive web designer

80% faster loading
80% faster loading
With no ads, no pop-ups or clutter. Our websites load up to 80% faster compared to other platforms.
User friendly
User friendly
No technical installations required. Just choose your template and start uploading your products.
Excellent support service
Excellent support service
Real help, no AI and chatbots.
We've got you covered!
Compatible with all common payment methods
Compatible with all common payment methods
Point Of Sale
Point Of Sale
Offers you the tools to sell online and offline while keeping your administration synchronized.
Available in 20 languages
Available in 20 languages
168 currencies
168 currencies
SEO optimized for higher rankings
SEO optimized for higher rankings

Start your website or webshop

Essential tools to grow your online business

EasyWebshop has been designed to provide you with everything you need to start your own online store and grow your business.

Included in the price
  • Website, hosting & domain name
  • Mailbox & security certificate
  • Outstanding support service
No hassle, user-friendly set up
  • No technical installations required
  • No paperwork required
  • No unnecessary complications
All the features you need
  • All of the tools you need
  • Connections to other platforms
Search Engine Optimization
  • Optimized for higher rankings
  • SEO strategy for long term organic growth
  • Connect to social media and shopping channels

Out customers have rated us 4.8 out of 5 stars!

Rudy Verreet, Verritshop11 October 2023

Satisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction score

translatedVery clear and quite easy to use

Eric van Mierlo, VAM PARTS20 June 2023

Satisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction score

translatedIt must be said, your service is absolutely super.

The payments work perfectly, thank you very much for the quick and good support.

Erik & Jolanda, MyPainting.nl24 March 2023

Satisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction scoreSatisfaction score

translated10 years ago we had the webshop created by a local developer. The script was seriously outdated and full of bugs and we needed something new.
We already had the experience that switching to new webshop software could bring the necessary problems. Our solution was a "pilot" shop. We were already in the mirror business and had the domain
Back then ... Ordering a large mirror online, no one really did that, but as a pilot we started with it anyway, to see if the saas software of EasyWebshop would be suitable for
Thus we started with you in 2013.
Now 10 years later a lot has changed in our company and today the "pilot" shop with your software has reached the milestone of 1 million euro sales.

Thank you and best regards,
Erik & Jolanda,

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EasyWebshopAbout EasyWebshop

EasyWebshop was launched in 2009 in Belgium and our experienced team has been providing professional web designs since 1997.

We are constantly striving to improve and update our application to ensure the latest features and keep up to date with the latest trends.

We highly value open standards, transparency and privacy. Therefore, our websites are free from ads, pop-ups, trackers and other nonsense.