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With Symcalia - the reservation system of EasyWebshop - your customers can make a reservation or booking for your products or services.

Symcalia presentation

A few examples include:

Renting of equipment
DJ equipment, industrial equipment, sports equipment, vehicle rental, work tools
Doctors, lawyers, beauty salons, personal trainers, car repair shops
Time slot reservation
Conference rooms, restaurants, taxis, limo services, wellness
Reservation for multiple days
Hotel rooms, holiday homes, B&B, parkings
Educational classes, events, ticket reservations, workshops

The benefits of Symcalia:

  • Managing the reservations (merchant side) and making the reservations (customer side) can be done with a web browser
  • All interfaces are mobile friendly, so it's easy to use on your phone
  • Symcalia is available in 20 languages
  • Seamlessly integrated into your website and shopping cart

Symcalia can be used in the Business version of EasyWebshop. The price per reservation is € 0,90 and will be deducted from the account balance when your customer confirms the reservation. The first 10 reservations are free, so you can try-out the system without having to load your account balance.

Step 1: create a webshop

If you do not have a webshop yet, you can create a webshop here.

Step 2: create a product or service for reservation

  • Navigate to Management > Products
  • Create a new product or select an existing one
  • Click the tab Reservations

You can now select the type of reservation. Select the category that applies most. This will automatically fill in the next form for you so you only need to check if everything is correct.


You can change the reservation type by clicking it again.

Save the product clicking the Save button. Congratulations, you made your first product for reservation. Yes, it's that easy!

Step 3: try it out

Navigate to the product in your webshop and make a test reservation. You can fine-tune most parameters such as price, opening hours, calendar views and limits in product management.

Webshop reservation

Explanation of settings

This allows you to activate or deactivate reservations for this product.
Available time slots

Customer can choose freely
Your customers can select empty slots in the calendar.

Time slots are defined by me
Events that you add to the calendar can be chosen by your customers.

Be careful with this option: if you do not add events to your calendar, you customers will not be able to make a reservation.
Date range (only if "customer can choose freely" is selected)
This allows you to set times (opening hours) in between a customer can make a reservation. The default option is "Always active".
Set the price and next to it the time unit. This allows you to set a price per day or per hour.
Variable price
You can add variable prices. These can be set between dates (e.g. higher price during the season) or for a certain customer group. A combination is also possible. You can add up to 30 variable prices.
How many reservations can there be at the same time?
This allows you to accept multiple reservations at the same time. (e.g. multiple rooms, multiple subscriptions for a workshop)
Limits (only if "customer can choose freely" is selected)
These settings allow you to set a minimum time before the reservation, the maximum time a customer can make the reservation in advance and the minimum and maximum reservation time. These last two can be the same for a fixed reservation time.
Calendar name
The calendar to which this product is connected. This is useful for managing the calendar. By default the calendar name will be the product code.
This is the color the events will have in your calendar.
Calendar display
This setting defines how the calendar is displayed to your customers. Depending on the reservation category some will be disabled. (e.g. for a reservation on a daily basis, it doesn't make sense that a customer can select hours, this only adds confusion)

Managing your reservations

Navigate to Management > Reservations. If Reservations is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level. The Symcalia calendar now opens.

The calendar works very intuitive, feel free to experiment. You can create an extra calendar for personal use. If you don't connect the calendar to a product, it will remain private.

Symcalia management

Click on an empty space to add a new event. The name of the event will be shown to your customers.

If your customers can choose their reservations freely, adding events will block these time slots for reservation. You can use this for disabling time slots during holidays.

If you use predefined time slots, you can now add events to the calendar. Your customers will be able to click on them to make a reservation.

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