Automatic emails to customers

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Mail customerAutomatic emails are the emails that are sent from your website to your customers.

  • The email that a customer receives after placing an order
  • The email that a customer receives after submitting the contact form
  • The email with the invitation to write a review

Automatic emails screen capture

Personalizing automatic emails

  • Navigate to Settings > More options > Automatic emails

If Automatic emails is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user experience level to Advanced, at Settings > More options > User experience level.

  • If your webshop is multilingual, select the desired language using the tabs
  • Select the email that you want to customize
  • You can now change the Subject and Email content

Emails will always we sent from Webshop name <>. You can change the from name - this is the part that your customers will see - at webshop settings. You cannot change the from email: if emails are sent from an address that is not on our mail servers, the receiving mail server will reject the email.

Please note that almost all email clients do not show images by default as a security measure. The receiver needs to give explicit permission to show images.

Avoid using hyperlinks in emails whenever possible: some spam filters will block emails with hyperlinks in them.

Using keywords

Keywords allow you to use variable customer data in your emails.

KeywordResultTo be used with
[CUSTOMER_TITLE]Dear [firstname],Orders, Contact form, Reviews
[CUSTOMER_FIRSTNAME]Customer first nameOrders, Contact form, Reviews
[CUSTOMER_LASTNAME]Customer last nameOrders, Contact form, Reviews
[ORDER_CODE]Unique order codeOrders, Reviews
[ORDER_REFERENCE]Your reference (if set)Orders
[ORDER_PAYMENTURL]The URL for online paymentOrders
[ORDER_DESCRIPTION]Order data and commentsOrders
[REVIEW_INVITATION_URL]Invitation link for writing a reviewReviews

An example:


The status of your order at has changed. The new status of the order is :
Payment received

Your order has been given the following reference:

The details of your order are:

It is not possible anymore to formally address customers (e.g. Dear Mrs. Smith). The use of genders has lead to politically charged discussions at our support, and we prefer that our application remains neutral. Thus, the gender of your customers is never asked during checkout and in forms.

You can test if the emails are shown as desired by placing a test order or contact inquiry on your webshop.

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