Automatic emails to customers

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Mail customerYou can customize the automatic emails that are sent to your customers.

  • The email that a customer receives after a contact inquiry
  • The email that a customer receives after placing an order
  • The email with the invitation to place a review

Customizing automatic emails

  • Navigate to Settings > Automatic emails

If Automatic emails is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Advanced, at Settings > User experience level.

  • Select the email that you want to customize
  • Use keywords (or variables) to replace customer data automatically
KeywordResultTo be used with
[CUSTOMER_TITLE]Formal title: Dear Mr./Ms. [lastname],Orders, Contact form, Reviews
[CUSTOMER_FIRSTNAME]Customer first nameOrders, Contact form, Reviews
[CUSTOMER_LASTNAME]Customer last nameOrders, Contact form, Reviews
[ORDER_CODE]Unique order codeOrders, Reviews
[ORDER_REFERENCE]Your reference (if set)Orders
[ORDER_PAYMENTURL]The URL for online paymentOrders
[ORDER_DESCRIPTION]Customer data and commentsOrders
[REVIEW_INVITATION_URL]Invitation link for writing a reviewReviews

An example:


The status of your order at has changed. The new status of the order is :
Order received
Your order has been given the following reference:

You can find all the details of your order in your account at:

The details of your order are:

Always test yourself with a test order and check if the result is as desired.

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