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DNSA web address is the URL that gets assigned to a category, a product page or a regular web page created with the CMS.

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Setting web addresses and SEO

You do not have to enter web addresses yourself: these are automatically generated for all languages ​​for your categories, products and CMS web pages.

If desired, you can set or change the web addresses for each item in each language. The field for web addresses is always hidden behind the Advanced tab or the Advanced options bar in product management. This way, our software remains organized and new users are not flooded with a variety of input fields.

Web addresses are search engine friendly and are automatically included in your sitemap. They get indexed automatically by search engines.

How are web addresses generated?

Special characters such as accents, spaces and punctuation are automatically converted or removed in order to obtain a valid URL. Web addresses are always in lowercase. Uppercase characters are converted to lowercase.

Some web addresses like /blog, /checkout, /contact and /info are reserved for standard pages: these can not be used. The blog feature in your shop has its own web address that starts with /blog.

When no web address can be generated, a unique search engine friendly URL will be generated with a number (page ID) in the URL.

A web address must be unique: each web address matches one web page in a particular language. A web page may lose its web address if the same address is set for another page. The new page will then obtain the web address. The previous page gets a SEO friendly address with ID number.

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