Managing multiple webshops (Multishop)

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Entrepreneurs are often engaged in a variety of projects. In order to organize the administration of several webshops efficiently, EasyWebshop provides Multishop functionality.

For example:
You start five webshops and after one year you make an evaluation. Three shops have become successful, the other two are not doing so well. You replace them with two new shops.

EasyWebshop offers flexibility to quickly start and stop online shops, without binding contracts and without elevated costs. This allows you to experiment and try out new ideas risk-free.

Creating and connecting new webshops

You can find the multishop feature at Dashboard > My shops.

Multishop screen capture

Click the Add button to create a new webshop. The new shop will be created instantly using the same owner data of your current webshop. By default, the new webshop will be on the Free version.

If you already have multiple webshops already with different email addresses, you can also connect them together.

Webshops overview

In the overview you can now see the webshops that are connected to your account. You can see the version, expire date and account balance of each webshop.

  • Click the Login button to manage a webshop

You can delete a webshop by logging in and navigating to Settings > More options > Delete account.

Be careful, deleting a webshop cannot be undone. Double check that you are deleting the correct webshop.

Managing webshops for others

For each webshop you can create administrator accounts. This allows other people to log in and use a webshop.

Set the user rights to Main account to give the administrator full access to the webshop, but not to your other shops.

Set the user rights to Main account + My shops to give the administrator full access and access to all other connected webshops.

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