Digital or virtual products

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Digital productsWith this module you can offer digital or virtual products to your customers.

  • Software
  • Audio and video files
  • eBooks, PDF courses, PowerPoint presentations
  • Online tickets
  • Selling photographs

Your customer can automatically download the product after a successful payment is received.

This is an expert module. We assume that you have the necessary technical knowledge or the contacts to host large files yourself.

Small files can be uploaded with CMS without the need for separate hosting.

Selling digital products

Step 1: activate digital products module

You can find the digital products module at Settings > Modules > Digital products.

If Digital products is not displayed in the menu, first adjust the user level to Expert, at Settings > User experience level.

Use the code MODD for activating the module.

Step 2: add a digital product

Add a new product. Enter the article code, a name, description and price of the product. Optionally add images. Set the interface of the product management to Advanced by clicking on the tab and click the Digital products icon.

Digital products

Download URL
The web URL where the product can be downloaded. You need web space for this. This can be obtained from your ISP or from a web host. You are free to choose your web hosting provider. The download URL is never visible to your customers.
Username and Password
You can protect your digital products directory with a htaccess password dialog. You can enter the username and password here. These fields are optional.

Make sure that the download URL is a downloadable file. Do not enter the URL of a web page, it will not work!

Step 3: connect a payment service provider

After an order is placed, the order status is Order received.
After a successful payment, the order status is Payment Received.

A payment service provider takes care of changing the order status automatically. This way, you don't have to change this manually after each order.


Test the set-up by placing an order in your own shop. This way, you see if the ordering process runs smoothly.

A customer can download the product with following order statuses:

  • Payment received
  • Completed

After the payment, the customer can immediately download the digital products. Your customer can also request this page again through the link in the e-mail confirming the order.

The customer will never see the download URL. It's a redirect that only works when the customer is logged in. This is a safety to prevent the customer from sharing your download URL.

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