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MarketingYou uploaded your products, the layout is customized to your needs and your web pages are filled with information. Your shop is now ready and open for visitors.

This page and the following pages describe how to attract visitors and convert prospects into customers. In the beginning you will sell very little, later on your satisfied customers will provide a stable revenue.

A visitor is a prospect or potential customer who visits the website and views your products.
A customer orders products in your shop.
A conversion is the transformation of a visitor to a customer. The conversion ratio is the percentage of visitors who are converted into customers.

You can find your visitor statistics and conversion analysis at Dashboard > Visitor analysis.

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Easy Analytics Conversion graph
Easy Analytics, the visitor analysis application of EasyWebshop.

It is important that you invest enough time to promote your online shop. The following items will help with this step.

  • Getting inbound links
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising (SEA)
  • Social networks
  • Customer feedback
  • Sending newsletters
  • Creating a blog

Tips and advise for marketing your online shop

Attract visitors
You need visitors in the first place. It is not because you have a website that visitors will come naturally.
Register your website at internet start pages, ask friends or colleagues to place a link and be present on web forums and social networks. Also, more quality links to your website mean better ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. This will again provide extra - free - visitors.
Advertise with the right target audience
If you advertise, online or offline, always make sure that your ads reach the right target audience. Segment ads by interest, type of customer, geographically, by age group and/or by gender.
Inform your visitors
Can I pay by credit card? When will my products be delivered? What are the conditions? Your visitors should be able to find this information on the website.
A professional layout
With EasyWebshop, you can customize the layout of your website yourself. You can make your website as beautiful (or as ugly ) as you want. Make sure you have a professional looking website that builds trust. Stay consistent with fonts and colors. Your logo should be visible at the top. Avoid spelling errors, capital letters, lack of punctuation or multiple exclamation points after each other.
Put contact details in a visible spot
Make sure you can be reached via email and telephone. Also place your address and company number or VAT number on the website. A shop without this information will not gain the trust of customers.
The right price for your products
Do a market research. Compare prices within your industry. Your visitors will do that also and they will naturally purchase the product for the lowest price. Are your products more expensive? Let your visitors know why. More quality, better service?
Keep shipping costs low
Once your visitors have placed the products in their shopping cart, you obviously want them to complete their order. Avoid nasty surprises such as high shipping costs, surcharges or additional processing fees. Visitors will cancel their order for these reasons.
Provide multiple payment methods
Make sure your visitor at least has the choice of payment by bank transfer, credit card or PayPal. For Dutch customers iDeal is a must.
Give discounts
A discount for a second order, a gift product, free shipping starting from a purchase amount of €100 provides an additional purchase incentive.
Gain regular customers
Attracting new customers costs money. It is much cheaper getting your current customers to purchase again. Provide a newsletter with promotions and a lasting customer relationship. And of course go for an excellent service, so your customers come back and provide and provide word of mouth.
Building good customer relationships does not happen overnight. Many online shops are only really successful after 3 years.

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