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18 September 2023, 11:00

The design of your website is usually the first thing your visitors and potential customers see. Needless to say, it is therefore very important that your website exudes confidence and professionalism.

We have simplified layout management so that you have more control over the design of your website. No knowledge of website development is needed, everything is user-friendly. At Settings > Layout, new tabs have been added: Colors, Images and Fonts.

Customers with more technical knowledge can use the Designer, which allows every detail to be customized.

  • All designs are mobile friendly
  • Your website is optimized for search engines
  • We do not use slow Javascript frameworks
  • Our websites have the fastest load times, feel free to compare
  • Comfortable navigation, products load automatically (no page numbers)
  • Checkout is intuitive and easy to use
  • No ads, no trackers, no pop-ups

Beautiful appearance, technically sound

A conscious decision was made not to use a drag-and-drop layout editor. This almost always results in websites that do not function properly on all devices.

A website is not an A4 sheet or a power point; it is a dynamic and interactive entity that must meet high standards. The website must be accessible to everyone, including search engines and visitors with visual impairments.

Layout management

Last days for custom web design

Our premise is always that our clients can manage their website themselves without a web designer. Therefore, we make management as user-friendly as possible.

Still, we see that some of our clients prefer to outsource the design and have a professional design made for them. To meet this demand, we offer custom web design during the summer.

With the Pack DesignRequest, we offer customized web design so you can give your website a new look with the help of an experienced web designer.

With the Pack Development, we offer the possibility of having custom connections and features developed.

The Summer of web design is still running until September 23.

Summer of web design


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