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1 December 2023, 9:00

We continually invest in keeping EasyWebshop up to date and improving our customer service. These are the updates from the past year:

  • New servers with the best hardware for a super fast website
  • More user-friendly CMS and layout management
  • A new email service with improved spam protection
  • Update to connections (previously apps) with external platforms
  • Simplification of instant notifications
  • Optimizations for a fluid checkout
  • Support improvements to ensure an even better experience

In order to maintain consistent quality standards in 2024, we are adjusting our prices to inflation.

New prices as of January 1, 2024

Basic€7.95 per month
Professional€24.95 per month
Business€49.95 per month

The prices for the POS App and for domain names remain unchanged. The reservation system (Symclia) can now be used in the Business version at no additional cost and there are no more paid connections (formerly apps). Remains unchanged: no startup costs, no transaction costs, no costs for templates or support.

We continue to offer a 10% discount on Bitcoin and Lightning payments and 25% on annual renewals. (for existing customers only)

Stay ahead of inflation

The value of money reduces, requiring more money to buy the same thing. The central bank\'s digital printing of trillions - not billions - of new euros causes the money already in circulation to become worth less.

So a better description for a price increase is an adjustment for inflation.

To our loyal customers who read the newsletter, we give the opportunity to renew their webshop for one year at the current prices in order to be one step ahead of inflation. It is possible to renew the webshop 365 days before the expiration date until December 31, 2023. After this date, the default of 40 days will be used again.

The expiration date of your webshop(s) can be found at My Webshops.

My Webshops

Updating your prices? Use bulk operations

You probably need to regularly adjust the prices of your products yourself, and that can be a time-consuming task. Bulk operations allows you to adjust prices, inventory and product statuses for products and/or product variations.

Bulk operations


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